Wreath of Light

Christmas for Kids Behind Bars...

You can bring HOPE to the story of incarcerated youth

this Christmas!




Since 1989 Denver Area Youth For Christ has provided thousands of incarcerated kids, ages 10 to 19, with Bibles, gifts, treats and Christmas cards, signed by people like you, during the Christmas season. Often, these are the only Christmas presents and cards a young boy or girl receives.

Christmas gift bags are always given with the clear message that no matter how dark and discouraging the circumstances, or what they have done in the past, Jesus loves and wants to help them.

We’ve heard countless stories of how these gifts and cards have brought hope and comfort at a time when it was desperately needed. 

Juvenile facilities are hard and cold places. We've seen the eyes of so many kids light up at the sight of the gift bags filled with gifts and treats, and most importantly, access to a Bible! What a joy!

Please help us reach our goal, this Christmas, of providing gift bags, signed cards, and access to Bibles for every kid in the thirteen juvenile facilities and partner agencies we serve. That’s over 1,200 kids who need your help!



Mail your gifts & cards to our office at: Denver Area Youth For Christ, Attn: Wreath of Light, 7670 South Vaughn Ct., Englewood CO 80112



God has faithfully used these gifts as a powerful tool to reach the hearts of kids!


Thank you!