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What Campus Life Means to Me

8/10/2018 in Category

By Andi Woodring, Director of Campus Life Ministries

We asked our students to finish the statement…“What Campus Life means to me…”  We invite you to hear directly from them:

It is a place... More

Pastor, Can You Feel Me?

8/3/2018 in Category

By Tim Butler, Director of City Engagement

I hear that question quite often from a youth who’s at one of the facilities where I serve as Chaplain – it’s his way of asking if I understand... More

God Shows Up

7/26/2018 in Category

By Jill Meyer, Parent Life Director

“Jill! I was hoping I would see you at this event! I think we should move ahead with our plan to start the teen parent's group at our church!”

“Rudy,... More

So Much Love

7/18/2018 in Category

By Preston Adams, Juvenile Justice Ministries Director

I met separately with two young men at the Denver County Jail. One young man was there on a parole violation and the other young man... More

What Will You Do When Cutting Yourself Doesn’t Work Anymore?

6/27/2018 in Category

By Tim Butler, Director of City Engagement and Juvenile Justice Chaplain

            “Pastor, our youth director gave me your number – he said he knew you and he told me that you have a... More